Play your music with a touch of nature


Latest technology and 100% natural zebrawood combined to deliver a unique sound experience

Sound quality

The exceptional sound of our devices is provided by the fusion of 3 key elements: 100% natural zebrawood, the latest technology and aluminium legs specifically designed to provide the best sound

Experience THE BEST High Resolution sound.

2 Woofers (3 inches and 20W) and 2 Tweeters (0.7 inches and 15W) integrated

It plays all kinds of music formats, including FLAC, up to 192KHz/24Bit.


By WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Optical, DLNA, Micro SD, Aux or Ethernet connection, no matter how, enjoy your BOSK

Multiroom & Multi-channel

Drag and match!
As simple as dragging one device to another in the R&M App.
Up to 5 speakers playing the same song.
Enjoy the most powerful stereo sound

R&M App

Join the RÖTH & MYERS app and link your device to your favourite music streaming or radio platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Napster, iHeartRadio, Douban FM or QQ music.

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