About R&M Player App:

Must I install R&M Player App?

There are two ways to connect BOSK speaker to ‘Wi-Fi’:

① Using R&M app

② Using WPS button of internet router.

If the router does not have a WPS button, you have to connect to Wi-Fi only via R&M app. When BOSK speaker is connected to Wi-Fi via R&M app, you can listen to music by using your favorite player app by connecting to the same Wi-Fi AP. (For more information, please refer to ‘Connection and Compatibility’ guide.

Does R&M app support the EQ (Equalizer)?

BOSK Speaker is developed to playback lossless sound sources (FLAC, ALAC). Therefore, please note that an artificial controller like EQ function is not supported.

Where can I download R&M App?

Click these buttons to go to your respective app stores:


The R&M Player is free, there is no download or use cost, but it will only work with BOSK devices.

Can I only play music with the R&M App?

No, if your device is connected to BOSK Speaker under the same Wi-Fi, you can play music with a basic app on your phone or with streaming apps such as Spotify or Apple Music.

What streaming services are available using the R&M App?

Currently, the R&M app supports Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. You can use those streaming services but they can be restricted depending on your account or phone.

Is it possible to play music with Bluetooth from R&M app?

Since the R&M app was especially developed for Wi-Fi connectivity to play high quality sound sources, it does not support Bluetooth playback of regular MP3 quality sources. When connected to Bluetooth, you can play music with other normal music players.

The music continues to play even when I close the R&M app.

This is due to the nature of Wi-Fi. To stop playback, please follow one of these options: 1) Press pause button from the app or 2) touch the pause button on the BOSK speaker.

Connection and Compatibility:

How do I connect to BOSK speaker to make the first configuration?

When BOSK is not connected to any WiFi, it will create its own network called BOSK_XXXX (where XXXX is unique for each BOSK device), so you can connect to it and configure BOSK to join your home network.

Please use R&M Player app to set up BOSK to your home WiFi network.

How to connect Wi-Fi - WPS button

The WPS button on your internet router allows you to connect BOSK speaker quickly and easily.
① Press the WPS button on your router.
② Press the WPS button on the back of the speaker.
③ When the connection is completed, the voice “Wi-Fi connected…” can be heard.
If you cannot connect within 2 minutes, please try 2-3 times more. If your router does not support a WPS button, please go to “How to connect Wi-Fi – R&M app”.

How to connect Wi-Fi - R&M app

Firstly, please check the BOSK speaker is on Wi-Fi mode (white LED), and connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
① Download R&M Player app from the App Store and run it.
② Press ‘Add Device’ button on the first screen.
③ Press ‘Settings’ button and connect “BOSK_XXXX” on the Wi-Fi setting screen of your phone.
④ Go back to the app again, select the Wi-Fi you want to connect from SELECT NETWORK and enter password. Press ‘Continue’ button.
⑤ It is completed when the voice “Wi-Fi connected” comes out from the BOSK speaker.
**Caution: BOSK Speaker only connects with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5GHz one. After completing step ⑤, return to Wi-Fi settings and check if Wi-Fi is the same as the Wi-Fi selected in step ④.

Pausing when playing a high quality music via Wi-Fi mode

In Wi-Fi mode, there may be a pause or delay when playing the high quality music. This is because it needs buffering time when receiving a large amount of data. Much higher sound quality music may take longer. Also, due to interference of other signals such as hair dryers, data transmission may not be smooth in Wi-Fi mode. In addition, if there are too many Wi-Fi routers in use, we recommend using LAN cable.

The chosen location for BOSK speaker has poor WLAN connection or only 5 GHz network is available.

You can always connect BOSK to router using Ethernet wiring or if using wired connection were not possible or practical, you can use Bluetooth / Aux / Optical modes instead.

I am trying to connect to Bluetooth but cannot find BOSK speaker.

If the BOSK speaker is already connected to another device, it may not appear on the Bluetooth list. Please disconnect the existing device from the speaker and try it again.

When AUX or Optical cable is connected, speaker’s Play/Pause buttons do not work.

Either AUX or Optical cable are for connecting external devices (TV, set-top box, projector, etc.). So you can control them from the external control (remote control, etc.) of the connected device.

When listening under microSD mode, how to select music or skip to the next song?

You can select songs and skip to the next song by using the R&M app. When playing music under microSD mode, it is impossible to control it with the touch button of speakers, only play/pause and controlling volume can be used.

Is it possible to record videos or make/receive calls while playing music?

Yes, it is possible in Wi-Fi mode. In Apple devices, you can use this function when playing downloaded music through the R&M app (there is a slight delay) but this function cannot be used in other streaming apps. In Android devices, this function is available in most music apps. (But, it may differ depending on the version of the smartphone and the app.)

How can I connect to TV or set-top box?

BOSK speaker is developed to playback lossless HD sound, so we recommend connecting using optical cable. It is optimized for audio/video sync, you can experience different sound quality compared to an speaker built-in the TV.
However, It can also be connected with AUX cable or Bluetooth but Buetooth technology has a problem of delay which results in poor sync quality.

FAQs about How to use BOSK:

Can I connect BOSK to AI speakers like Alexa?

Currently, connection to AI speakers is not supported.

How do I change the working mode?

It is possible to change the mode by touching the M button on top of the BOSK Speaker and by using the R&M App.

Select the mode using the M button: WiFi > MicroSD > Bluetooth > S/PDIF > AUX > LAN

NOTE: MicroSD mode is only available when there is a MicroSD card plugged on the slot located on BOSK’s back panel. Please refer to the quick guide or manual guide to learn more about LED status and the Mode Select button.

How do I use an optical input?

You can use optical cable (also known as Toslink) for S/PDIF to connect BOSK to devices with standard S/PDIF connections, such as TVs or Set-top boxes. You will have to select “Optical output” mode on the TV / Set-top box and then use the M button to set BOSK to “Optical” mode.

Kindly remind that BOSK only supports 2.0 PCM uncompressed audio, other formats like “Dolby Digital” or “DTS” will not play. Please also refer to quick guide or manual guide for LED status and Mode Select button.

If a cell phone / alarm sounds, does music stop playing?

Music will not stop playing when connected via WiFi.

In Bluetooth mode, playback will be paused as in any other Bluetooth speakers.

What is a sound source of 24 bits / 192KHz (also known as "Lossless")?

This refers to a higher quality digital sound source than a 16bit, 44.1 KHz CD sound source. Thanks to it you can enjoy the details and sound that are closer to original sound through the BOSK speaker.

What does the 'P' function on the control panel do?

It is the “Preset’ button for the streaming service registered in the R&M app. Currently it’s only used for enabling / disabling voice prompt guide. Keep it pushed for 5 seconds to switch the voice prompt on or off. There will be no notification tone for this feature.

What kinds of lossless sound source does BOSK support?

BOSK supports the most commonly used lossless sound files, such as “FLAC”, whose file size is typically over 100Mbyte.

FAQs about product errors:

The speaker is not leveled

It may happen because BOSK speaker is 100% handmade wood speaker. You can adjust the height by controlling each of the provided 4 feet.
**For reference, the feet are made of rubber to reinforce bass.

Touch response is slow

Due to voice guide, touch button speed may be slower. Muting the voice guide can speed up the touch reaction. To mute, press ‘P’ button on BOSK speaker for about 3-5 seconds.

Even though I have closed the R&M App, TuneIn stream source is still playing on BOSK

The R&M App supports linking streaming services to BOSK.

If your speaker is connected to the Internet, they will continue to play after you close the R&M Player app.

To stop playback, click the Pause button on the top of BOSK or on the R&M App player window before closing it.

I'm trying to connect BOSK to WiFi network, but it can't be found

First, make sure your speaker is ON and set to WiFi mode.

After boot, if BOSK starts in the last mode used, please use “M” button to set WiFi mode.

Also make sure your mobile device is connected to the same 2.4GHz wireless WiFi network and follow the connection procedure again. BOSK speaker will not be seen if connected to 5GHz networks.

When BOSK is disconnected from the WiFi, it will create its own network called BOSK_XXXX (where XXXX is unique for each BOSK device) so you can connect to it and set BOSK to join your home network.

The speaker doesn’t work even though the adapter is connected

Please make sure the power button on the back of BOSK speaker is turned on.

It doesn't play right away when streaming or playing a lossless sound

Streaming services and playback of lossless sound sources start to play after a certain amount of buffering to ensure playback quality and continuity.

Please note that it may take some time to buffer depending on the connection type (WiFi can easily become saturated or slow), the available Internet bandwidth and the compressed resolution.

It works well and then suddenly stops working

Turn the power off and turn it on again. If the symptom persists, press the RESET button on the back for more than 10 seconds to reset the settings to default and use R&M Player app to add BOSK to the network again.

If WLAN coverage is not good, BOSK can lose the connection. In such case, consider relocating BOSK or using an Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

The adapter light doesn’t turn off when unplugged

There is no problem with the adapter. It’s due to its nature. Turn off the power and unplug it, the light will be off after 2-3 minutes.

When you connect WiFi through R&M Player App during Bluetooth playback, BOSK changes to WiFi mode

The R&M App prioritizes WiFi mode playback for high quality sound playback. Use a different music player if you want to use Bluetooth.

Spotify will not stream to BOSK Speaker

It is known that Spotify requires a Premium account to stream music to any kind of network speakers. Please upgrade your Spotify account to Premium.

Please, keep in mind that this can happen with other streaming platform anytime. It’s not BOSK’s limitation or flaw.


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